Garrett was born on 7/9/09 (and I was hoping he’d be a 7/8/9 baby), following 43 hours of labor capped off by a c-section. He just wouldn’t come out!

Once the doctor pulled him out the reason he wouldn’t budge became obvious – our little guy wasn’t so little! He was a very unexpected 10 pounds, 3.8 ounces. No, that’s not a typo, he really was that big. Since L was 8 pounds 6 ounces, and I was 6 pounds 6 ounces, we’re not sure what happened with G.

Unfortunately, G had inhaled some meconium, and we knew he’d have to be immediately suctioned out. What we hadn’t known was just how much he’d inhaled, and the fact that he would end up with a collapsed lung and other breathing issues that sent him to the NICU. L got to accompany G to the NICU as they worked on him, but I wasn’t able to see him for several hours, and even then we couldn’t hold him until the next day. On the 10th I was able to hold him just long enough to shift him to be weighed, and then back into his oxygen tent.

Saturday (the 11th) he’d improved enough where he could come out of the oxygen tent, so we were both able to hold him. L gave him his first bath (helped by the nurse), and I started attempting to nurse.

We were finally able to bring G home on Tuesday, so he spent 5 days in the NICU. We’re recuperating, and G is doing great. Nursing is ok; because he was supplemented with formula while I was unable to hold him (and obviously nurse), I’m still working to get my supply up to what he needs. It’s been a bit of a struggle.

I’m also slowly recovering from the section. I’m gradually feeling able to accomplish a little more during the brief moments of time I have between feeding G and feeding myself. ;) I hope to be able to start posting semi-regularly again soonish.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers. We needed them.

The picture is of G in his NICU room, just before we left for home. His going home outfit choice was limited because he was so much bigger than we’d expected; those cute newborn outfits just wouldn’t fit!