Food Issues

Amalah had a column this week & last about food issues continuing postpartum. I couldn’t manage to write out a comment last week about food aversions because it reminded me of the endless vomiting that was most of pregnancy for me.

This week’s column about food cravings wasn’t so bad however and did bring to mind a good memory of eating Rice Krispie treats from a package my mom mailed to me (I even commented over there). They were supposed to be for R (most of the rest of the box was chosen with me in mind, but the treats were definitely R’s). However, this one day I could keep NOTHING down, and even when I’d think about something to eat the mere thought of it would make me gag.

(My doctor told me at my next appointment when I admitted how bad that day & others had been that I probably should have gone to the hospital to be rehydrated. Whoops.)

After one day where it was a struggle to keep water from reappearing, the next day appeared that it would be similar. I was on the couch, bucket on the floor beside me, when Rice Krispie treats came to mind. And didn’t make me gag. Hmmmm….

I went to the box o’ goodies my mom had sent and dug out the treats. Ate one. I may have never tasted anything that was so amazingly delicious. Hunger might have had something to do with my extreme feelings, I realize.

Thirty minutes later I ate another one. And I continued to eat one after the other, spaced anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes apart (just to make sure they’d stay down.) I tried to think of other foods that I could eat, but everything that came to mind made me heave. So I stuck with the treats. And finished off the batch and mourned that there were not more for me.

Fortunately that day marked the low point of the nausea for me. It didn’t end completely, but I never again had so much trouble keeping anything down. I’d at least manage one meal a day from then on.

I still love Rice Krispie treats in a way that I never did pre-pregnancy. And I still love that my mom mailed me care packages with them throughout the pregnancy. Thanks mom!