There Will Be Cake!

cake with three flowers

After thinking about doing it for several years, I’ve signed up for a cake decorating class at a local store. So far I’ve had two classes and I’ve made one cake. I’ll be making two more cakes during this course, and then I hope to take the additional courses as well; I’ve been having fun and now after buying the equipment and supplies and stuff I want to make sure I use it.

What’s not so good so far is that I HATE “decorator’s icing”. As in the nasty stuff made with shortening and lots of powdered sugar. I’ve added clear vanilla and butter flavor but it still just tastes like nothing but sweet and it leaves that nasty film in your mouth. It’s somewhat discouraging to spend the time (and money on ingredients) making a cake and then not wanting to eat it. Fortunately the instructor will be teaching us a better tasting frosting recipe soon and we can use it and some other versions; we just had to start with the basic one that’s easier to use. Whew.

Tomorrow I’ve got class again. I need to bake another cake and make three more batches of frosting before class. I had hoped to do both today but the boy was a bit of a terror and R was unable to watch him at all to let me focus on what I’d need to do. Well, he could have after G went to bed but that was 9:30 and by then I was too tired to do anything. Yes, our baby does stay up until 8:30 or 9:00 usually. Yes, tonight was later than normal, but not really that much later considering his nap times today.

Overall I’m pleased with my first cake since I started not having any idea how to use the icing bag even. I know it could be better, but hey, it IS my first one.