Seven Quick Takes

  1. I haven’t spent much time on the computer lately due to my aunt visiting and not wanting to spend her visit with me on my laptop. It’s been so nice having her here, especially because R is off visiting his family for 5 days.
  2. Taking advantage of R’s absence, my menu plan for those days has included all dishes that he doesn’t like. He thought that was hilarious when I told him my plans. We had pasta with tomatoes and chevre (the guy hates goat cheese), and beef stroganoff (how can he hate stroganoff????), and will have corn chowder (again, who hates corn chowder?), and pasta with artichokes (mmmmm, artichokes, how I love you.)
  3. The pasta with goat cheese was fabulous, and while the “stroganoff” was delicious, it didn’t taste like stroganoff, and certainly did not satisfy my craving for it. I may have to make it again when R is home and feed him frozen pizza or something.
  4. Yes, fortunately for me my aunt likes all the items mentioned above, because I did ask her as I made my plans.
  5. We had snow all day yesterday and today it is just brutally cold so we’ve been hunkered down in the house. I am afraid my aunt will never want to visit again because she isn’t one for staying at home much, but I can’t face leaving the warm inside.
  6. I’m trying to finish a number of books that belong to my mom and/or brother so that my aunt can take them back with her when she goes home (she lives around the corner from my parents, and my brother lives with my parents). I hadn’t expected it, but my parents sent her up with a number of items for me, so she’s got a pretty good amount of room in her suitcase available and the paperbacks I have won’t take up much space…
  7. Only a week and a half until the ultrasound that will let us know if we’re having another boy or if I can go shopping for some adorable girl clothes. I am having a very hard time containing my excitement over the big reveal. I don’t remember being this excited over G’s ultrasound, but that’s probably because I absolutely, positively, 100% knew that he was a boy. This one I am in no way certain.

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