The Real News

I feel like I should have some super exciting or clever way of introducing this, but apparently my creativity has shriveled to nothingness. Instead I’ll just have to go ahead with it.

Um, yeah, turns out that October turned out to be a more momentous month than we’d expected when I got one of the biggest surprises ever with a positive pregnancy test.

It still seems crazy to me, after the struggles to get pregnant with G, that this one happened so easily. I absolutely consider it just as much of an amazing miracle as the first time around, and we were praying for it, but I still just want to laugh about how quickly it occurred.

I’m now 15 weeks along, so I’m into the second trimester. It’s been harder than my first pregnancy in that now I have a small child to take care of instead of just being able to worry only about myself, because I’m still vomiting virtually every day (often multiple times a day) and have lost weight again. I’ve got my 16-week checkup on Wednesday so I’ll get the latest numbers and see if my doctor again tells me to eat “more highly caloric foods.” That is something I never imagined I would hear from a doctor, let me assure you.

Because of the thyroid problem I’ve developed I am being monitored more closely, and I do have some higher risks with this pregnancy, so I’m very relieved to have made it through the first trimester, and am praying for this baby’s continued health and safety.