Seven Quick Takes

  1. Once again I’ve been dealing with a sick kid, but this time I’ve also been sick as is R. G is still high energy (although he is napping longer than usual, so I guess he’s not as full of energy), but R and I are sooooo exhausted and just trying to survive.
  2. I actually thought we were doing better and met a friend for lunch on Monday, but that evening seemed to bring a relapse. Someday we’ll shake it, but it would be nice if someday was soon.
  3. R is taking the entire week off next week. I am thrilled about this, as I’m hoping that in addition to resting up and getting healthy, he’ll be able to finish up the nagging projects that we need to tackle before we can list our house.
  4. The pregnancy is going well – I’m at 30 weeks now and am definitely rocking the baby belly. I would love to find a couple more shirts to wear as the weather warms up, but think I’ll need some G-free time to do that shopping. I still have all of my maternity clothes from G, but I was working full-time then and several of the shirts are just a little too dressy to feel right wearing in my new daily routine.
  5. I got Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners from the library recently and am loving it – I’ve made 3 dishes from it and they’ve all been winners. I’ve got plans to try her Reuben pizza for dinner soon also and hope that it proves as successful for us. Honestly, I’m halfway tempted to buy it except for the whole trying to sell the house and move thing which means I do not need to bring anything extra into the house that isn’t for staging purposes. Maybe a housewarming gift to myself once we get into a new place? Until then, I’ll enjoy using the library’s copy.
  6. I’m making a pie for R (blogging while waiting for the crust to cool enough to fill) and let’s just say that it will not be winning any awards for attractiveness. I experienced some major shrinkage while blind baking the crust, and it looks fairly ridiculous in addition to my usual blah crimping skills. At least it should still taste good to him!
  7. Homeselling while pregnant is not something I would ever recommend. I have to keep reminding myself that homeselling while parenting a toddler and newborn would not be easy either. What I wouldn’t give for someone to just knock on my door and offer to buy the house without us having to deal with getting the house ready to show. And even worse, trying to keep the house ready to show while a small tornado of destruction wends his way through the place. Gah. As much as it scares me to think about having two mortgages, it is so tempting to daydream about buying our new place first so that we could then stage the house without us having to live here.

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