House Thoughts

I’ve mentioned before that we are trying to sell our old house. We’ve been carrying two mortgages for a few months now, and we’re making it (thanks to underbuying on both houses according to what we’re supposedly able to afford), but it’s definitely tight so we’re looking forward to selling and freeing up monthly bills and reestablishing our savings from the equity we have in that house.

But so far we’re having no luck getting a buyer. We’ve had lots of people look at it, and we’ve been one of the finalists for a few people (at least that’s what the realtors have claimed, and why would they bother making that up?) We’ve lost out to a house with a bigger living room, and one with a bigger back yard, and one with more overall space.

Even ones that didn’t claim we were finalists for them have given great feedback on the house, its location, and its condition.

Last week however, we got very negative feedback from the showing, and I’d laugh about it if I weren’t so overall discouraged about not selling. They said that the curb appeal was terrible (it’s not super fantastic or anything, but it’s good, and that’s what every other showing has given as feedback – that curb appeal is good.)

They didn’t like the neighborhood (I think the location is awesome, just a block from a terrific park and yet on a cul-de-sac so not a lot of traffic, and convenient to shopping and the center of town). Specifically, they didn’t like the nearby apartments.

Honestly it never once occurred to me that someone would object to the apartments that are next to the neighborhood. They are not visible from our house, although you do drive past them depending on what road you use to get to the house. They’re nice apartments, so it’s not like a dumpy area or anything. I really kind of wish I could ask them what they’re talking about because really? Are apartments viewable from one of the nearby roads that objectionable? Good luck finding a house in this town then, because most of the neighborhoods in a similar price range also have apartments a similar distance away (as in, not all that close).

The final kicker for me to think that maybe these people were somewhat crazy was their complaint that the interior needs a lot of work. I’m just … baffled by that because I truly do not think that it does. The downstairs has all new floors & fresh paint & refinished kitchen cabinets & new countertops. All the bathrooms were totally redone in 2008, so they’re not brand new but they are very, very nice.

Pictures of our downstairs, as I try to look at it objectively to see if I’m being a delusional homeowner: