One Bite at a Time: Project Four {Establish an Evening Routine}

Last week I described how my morning routine was revamped thanks to Project 3. This week I got to do the same with my Evening Routine, and select five things that will help me tomorrow.

I’ve had an Evening Routine for years, and it really only changes when life forces me to change it (that would be when I’ve had children; each of them has required the routine to bend).

My current routine is simple, subject to change again once I no longer have a nursing baby:

  • Make sure the kitchen is ready to go for the morning (dishes clean, dishwasher loaded & set to run)
  • Bedtime routine for G (tidy downstairs, bath, pjs, bed; daddy often does most or all of this)
  • Bedtime routine for H (bath if needed; pjs; nurse; daddy usually does the bath but the rest is all me)
  • Shower
  • Phone & iPod on charger
  • Bed!

I do not read as part of my bedtime routine because if I did that, the next thing I’d know it’d be after midnight. Stopping in the middle of a book is not easy for me, and I do not trust myself at night. Before children it didn’t really matter if I stayed up late one night finishing a book; I’d just sleep in if it was the weekend, or go to bed early the next night. There is no sleeping in right now, no going to bed early, no catching up on sleep, so I can’t sacrifice it no matter how much I’d like to read just one more chapter.

This project felt like it was almost cheating; an Evening Routine is such a natural thing for me that it truly is habit and I don’t even have to think about it.

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