Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

I’m very happy that I’ve picked back up with blogging again; I feel like it’s giving me an outlet for all the thoughts and ideas that are otherwise just bouncing around in my brain. It’s also motivating me to consolidate whatever else I can to give myself time to write and especially to implement those ideas I’m having.

— 2 —

I do love our new house, so this isn’t meant as a complaint, more an observation. WOW do we have a lot of spiders here. Is it all the trees in our yard? I’m not sure but seriously every time I go outside I see at least one, and there hasn’t been a week that’s gone by without finding one in the house. Fortunately they don’t really bother me (except for the idea of them possibly crawling on/biting my children.) I’m more just amazed at the difference; we only moved about a mile or two from our old house, so it’s not like a drastically different climate or anything but the difference is significant.

— 3 —

I can hear someone coming to find me, huffing and puffing his way up the stairs. So much for him playing nicely downstairs with daddy, giving me time to write the post. I cannot sneak away for more than five minutes without him coming to look for me, no matter how much fun he might be having with his dad. Well, unless they’re playing outside, but it’s way past dark so that’s not happening. I try and remind myself that it’s just because he loves me so much, but sometimes I wish he’d play longer with someone other than me. And then I feel like a bad mom. :(

— 4 —

#3 is the reason I have to start writing anything ahead of time, because there is just no telling how long it will take for me to be able to finish. It does give me plenty of time to think of additional quick takes, but unfortunately it also gives me plenty of time to forget everything I thought of. I think “mommy brain” is really just a main symptom of long-term sleep deprivation. At least it is for me.

— 5 —

I always love Thanksgiving, but I’m disappointed this year. Our usual is to go to whichever of the extended family in the area is hosting, but this year it’s the aunt who lives 3 hours away. I’m not sure we’ll be able to do that with the kids – it’d be too much driving for one day, and getting a hotel room is challenging both for $$ reasons but mostly because of a nursing baby who would wake up her brother and cause him to have a lousy night’s sleep. Do we go ahead with it and just deal with a cranky boy the next day? We could probably stay at the aunt’s house, but that would just increase the number of people potentially woken up by the baby/toddler since many of the others will be staying there. I was really hoping it’d be one of the relatives who live 45 minutes away hosting. We didn’t offer because we still don’t have a lot of our furniture and it’d be beyond challenging to have 30+ people over with one card table, a patio table, and a handful of chairs. So Thanksgiving might be very small, with just us.

— 6 —

I read a book yesterday. Let me repeat that. I. Read. A. Book. As in, start to finish, and not a kid’s book either. I used to do that all the time before having children, but now it often takes weeks to finish a book. Now, yes, this was a shorter book (under 200 pages), and it was a quick read, but still. An entire book. It did involve me staying up about an hour later than I should have, but I don’t even regret it this morning, it was such a good reminder of why I love reading. If I were to keep that up, I’d run out of library books before my next visit, but I do need to do actual work around the house today so any free moment I find cannot go towards reading. There are bills to pay, and a stack of mail to sort, and food to prepare and all that fun stuff. But I’ve got some other interesting books sitting on the shelf waiting for me, so hopefully I can get to them some this weekend.

— 7 —

This picture has nothing to do with any of the above quick takes. I just think she’s cute. :)

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