Romans 8 Memory Challenge

It’s the December link-up!

I’ve been blogging weekly with the scripture for the week, and an update on the previous week’s progress (week one, week two, week three, and week four).

After getting behind a bit I made a big push this last week and feel like I’m more or less caught-up. Verses 3 & 4 are still somewhat challenging though, so I often stumble when reciting them or need a prompt of some sort.

My biggest success comes from:

  • Working on it early in the day. I find that if I spend 10 minutes or so during breakfast it really helps, because the verses seem to bounce around in my brain the rest of the day.
  • Working on it at the end of the day, so that as I go sleep the verses are on my mind.
  • FOCUSING. As in, concentrate on the words! This is harder than it sounds, thanks to two small children a.k.a. interruption machines, but when I can work on them when the kids are asleep or otherwise occupied, it’s much more effective. Even just five minutes of concentrated effort gains me a lot more progress than thirty minutes of half-focused reading and reciting.
  • Frequent bits of small effort. One thirty minute session isn’t as effective as three ten-minute sessions spaced throughout the day.
  • Making it interesting. What I mean is, instead of droning the words in a monotone, I try to vary how I recite them (even if only in my head; I am not risking waking anyone up if I’m working on it while kids are sleeping). For example, the first part of verse three (the hardest one for me so far):
    For GOD has done … what the LAW, weakened by the fleeeesh, could NOT do.
    much more memorable than
    which is what boringly reciting it ends up sounding like.

How is everyone else doing with the challenge?