2012 House Goals

I’ve listed some personal goals for January, but I also have some house goals that I want to accomplish over the next 12 months. I’d love to get more done, but I’m trying to be realistic about what I can manage with two small children and no childcare. :)

  1. Unpack everything. Once we get all our our furniture back we should finally, finally be able to finish unpacking.

    (A portion of the boxes still left to unpack.)

  2. Shelving in the basement. I’d like to get two or three shelving units so we can get the basement storage area organized. I’ve got baby gear, clothes, extra kitchen supplies (baking dishes and things that get used infrequently), and small appliances (waffle maker, coffee pot, griddle) that also get used infrequently all scattered around, stacked and jumbled.
  3. Curtains. Our downstairs needs curtains. We have no window treatments at all on the family room, breakfast area, or kitchen window. We have unmatching, not really fitting curtains in the dining room & playroom. I’d like to get all these rooms windows covered better.

    (These curtains are not very attractive, and not the best for privacy)

  4. Paint the playroom, kitchen, office, and downstairs bath. Honestly I’d like to get the entire house painted, but that goes under the “be realistic” part.

    (The paint color is very misleading in this picture; in real life it’s much much darker than it seems here)

  5. New counters in the kitchen. This one may not happen once we get an estimate on what it will cost, but it’s definitely a high priority. The current counters are original to the house, and they are stained and chipped and really really ugly. The sink is also a mess and the faucet is awful, so if the money works out we’d like to replace it all.


  6. Plant some trees in the backyard, behind the fence (it’s still our property for several feet beyond the fence). I’d like to get a row of trees along the back & side fence for more privacy, so some sort of evergreen would be ideal. This also might not happen, because I have no idea what trees cost and the work that goes into planting them. Maybe we can just get a start on it?