House Progress!

Over the weekend Mr. SJ moved almost everything we had staging the old house, in anticipation on closing on the house next week. There are still two small bookcases and a plastic cart that was tucked into a closet, as well as all of the decor items (pictures on walls, mirrors, etc.)

(We still need to get those bookcases that are shown flanking the fireplace at the old house.)

But if it can fit into my car and be carried by me alone, it’s no big deal. And once the bookcases are out, it can all fit into my car and be carried by me.

When I say that he moved almost everything, I do mean that. I was sick and wasn’t able to help much. He did get a friend who helped with a few trips, but the bulk of it he did himself. He worked super hard all weekend!

We also picked a paint color for his office and he put up a few test spots. Hopefully we’ll get that painted this weekend!

It feels *so* good to make progress on the house. I’ve still got lots to do, but we feel like we can really start moving forward on things here.