House Progress

Since I last updated:

  • Mr. SJ has painted his office, and it looks FANTASTIC. The paint color, not the office. It’s still a mess with lots of unpacked boxes and computer parts.
  • We have also decided that we’re going to use that same paint color (Sherwin Williams Rock Candy) in the downstairs bathroom, to change it from the dark cave that it is currently.
  • I’ve started using my pot rack as a pot rack, but haven’t decided if I like it or not. It is handy having them right there, but it’s also more visual clutter in a house that doesn’t need any help looking cluttered.
  • We also moved the keyboard into the basement, which helped open up the dining room quite a bit.
  • Mr. SJ has gotten his new TV hooked up in the basement and added a furnace vent into the room to help get the temperature down there a bit warmer.
  • He’s also practiced his electrician skills and fixed the messed up wiring in the basement. I am so impressed with him – between helpful internet articles and pictures, and talking to his brother the general contractor, he diagnosed the problems, and fixed them. That just saved us some money now that we don’t have to hire an electrician to do all that! He’s thinking he might even tackle adding the ceiling outlets so we can add overhead lights to the kids’ rooms. His brother has him convinced that it’s not that hard, assuming he can get to the correct spot in the attic.
  • He also hung up my ironing board in the laundry room, and I added some DIY art to the wall. I need to finish it off a little more neatly, but I wasn’t sure if I liked it enough to do the finishing touches yet. I’m still debating with myself over it.
  • IMG_9110-1

  • And he finally added brackets to the shelves I put up in my closet, so I can clean up the disaster that is the bonus room.
  • I unpacked all the boxes that had been put into storage, so I found lots of picture and other personal items. I’ve started filling in the living room shelves.
  • The guest room is put back into order, more or less. I need to change the sheets on the bed to a set that doesn’t clash with the comforter and decorative pillows, but I’m too lazy to want to do that just for looks. After our next overnight guest leaves, I’ll remake the bed with the correct sheets and add the bedskirt. The sheet set that’s currently on the bed will go back into the linen closet to be used when we have lots of houseguests and we use air mattresses. I do still need to figure out what to do about the curtains in that room, because of the extra-high windows.

I think we’ve done pretty well for what we’ve managed to accomplish this month! Has anyone else been working on their homes, painting or organizing or decorating?