The House Has Sold!

It was official last week, but it’s really sinking in now. We are back to a one-house family and that is wonderful.

(Bye house! I loved you but I’m very happy you’re someone else’s responsibility now!)

We have an emergency fund again. And our cash flow has improved dramatically. :)

Our sinking funds are refunded too, enough so that Mr. SJ bought the TV he’s been wanting for his new man cave. We’re prioritizing the other things we want to do around the house as well, so we can start saving for them (like replacing the kitchen counters).

I thought it might be bittersweet, saying goodbye to our first house, but I think because it took so long there were no mixed emotions.

What do I want to get first for the new house? I have no idea! It should be curtains, but buying curtains stresses me out. I struggle to decide which ones will look the best. Yes, I am decorating-challenged.