Where I Write

Jennifer Fulwiler from Conversion Diary is having a link-up of a tour of where people write.

Most of the time I write at my desk, which is in the bonus room over the garage. It’s reached through the master bedroom, and the previous owner used it as a dressing room. It’s an amazing amount of space that I couldn’t use just for clothes, so of course I took it over for my hideaway. My husband has a dedicated office (he works from home full-time), and a man cave in the basement, so don’t worry that I am making him suffer by using this space for myself.


I wish I could say I have a really exciting desk, but I don’t. It’s a assemble-it-yourself job we bought years ago. It used to have a top, but that’s been left off now so that I have room for both computers. Yes, I have a Mac and a PC laptop. I usually use the laptop for blogging (and that’s what I’m writing on right now). I use the Mac for not a whole lot right now. It does have all my pictures on it, and all of my music.

The mountain of papers to the left of the laptop is mostly tax-related. Once I finish doing our taxes I’ll file them away, but for now it keeps me working on them.

Flanking my desk I have two bookcases. They don’t match, and it kind of drives me crazy. I’m not sure why, because it’s not like anything else in the room matches.


I have one mug with pens and pencils. And a nail file. I’m not entirely sure why I have this mug – it was my mom’s but obviously it made the move up to Indiana with me. I keep my paper planner next on my desk, and it also has whatever random stuff my son has brought me. Today it’s kiddie nail clippers and a rubber band.


Underneath my desk is a box for recycling. Doesn’t everyone keep their paper recycling in a diaper box?


My chair is a disaster. Ripped and falling apart, it even has a bit of a list to it. Replacing it is definitely on my list of things to buy, but somehow it’s never a high enough priority to actually do it. One of these days I’m going to be annoyed enough by tilting to the right every time I sit down that I’ll end up insisting that I need a new chair IMMEDIATELY. And my husband will laugh because he’s been telling me to get a new one for years.


The best part of the room is the two skylights. I positioned the desk right in between them, because at certain times of day the sun that comes in is fierce, and I wanted to be out of the direct path. This is my current view when I look out the skylights (it’s basically the same from each one, lots of sky and a few branches.)


Behind my desk are two closets. The first one holds all my hanging clothes and shoes. The second has lots of shelves and it has folded clothes, more books, office supplies, knitting supplies, makeup, snacks I hide from my son, and various other random stuff that doesn’t have any other home.

I’m not taking a picture of that because I do have some pride and it is not remotely attractive.


In between those closet doors (so directly behind my desk) is my lingerie dresser. Doesn’t that sound fancy? It holds all my socks and undies.


At the end of the room is a big chair that I use to nurse the baby, and occasionally I even get to read in it. Yes, that’s a file cabinet next to it. There wasn’t any other good spot in the room for it thanks to the wall heater and wall vents. It does serve as a nice spot for a drink though.


Someday I’d like to replace the overhead light with something pretty. Because this is not pretty:


My biggest complaint What I like the least about the space is that it is cold in the winter and it was stuffy in the summer. And I wish it had a window that opened so I could get some fresh air in the room. Other than that, I am thrilled to have it and love when I can spend some time in it alone. With two small children that doesn’t happen all too often, but it’s extra sweet when it does.

Thanks Jennifer for asking to see our writing spaces. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s!