One Bite at a Time: Project 20 {Plan In Advance For Holidays}

Project 20, Plan in Advance for Holidays, is another one that’s fairly easy for me to address.

We just don’t do all that much for any holidays. I already have a line in our budget for birthdays and Special Occasions (my catch-all category for any Holiday or other rare event spending), so the money aspect is handled. I keep a running Amazon wish list for the kids with ideas of things to get for them and my husband (it’s a private list, so no worries that he’ll see what I’m thinking.)

I’m sure it will have to change as the kids get older and have opinions of what they want, but for this stage, I feel like I’ve got a good handle on dealing with any holidays.

It’s so nice when I recognize that there are areas of my life that are organized and under control. It’s so easy to always notice the areas where I need to work, and gloss over that there are areas where I’m doing well.

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