One Bite at a Time: Project 22 {Declutter (and Rotate) Your Children’s Toys}

Project 22, Declutter (and Rotate) Children’s Toys, is another one of those projects that I think need to be done over and over and over again.

I’ve decluttered the toys, and separated them into boxes that can be easily rotated. And it all works well, for a few days, or weeks even. And then slowly I realize that the toy explosion has taken over the play room again and the rotation has stopped rotating so it’s time to get it going again.

That doesn’t even take into account the endless influx of toys thanks to birthdays and holidays and general grandparent generosity, so it really is a neverending project to keep the toys under control.

And that’s ok, because the toy rotation thing? It works. The boy is so delighted to see some of those toys again after they’ve been put away for a week or two, and he plays much better when he has a more limited amount to choose from. Plus cleanup? Is so much nicer when everything he owns isn’t strewn across the house.

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