Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

I went to Trader Joe’s a couple of weekends ago, and I have seriously never been in a store that was so crowded. If I hadn’t really needed to get some items right then, and if I hadn’t had Mr. SJ waiting in the truck with the kids so at least I was able to shop and wait in line alone I would have turned around. I had to reach around people in line in the regular aisles to get stuff off the shelf. I couldn’t even see the checkout lanes when I got in line I was so far back. Happily, Trader Joe’s has fast checkers so the lines moved fairly quickly, and it had really nice customers in the store that day, because everyone was cheerful and pleasant and no one was pushy or cutting in line (which would have been easy to do.)

— 2 —

I do love Trader Joe’s, but my biggest frustration with them is how they rearrange their store ALL THE TIME. It makes it so hard for me to find things in there because there is just no telling where they’ve hidden it this time. I know they do that to make customers slow down and perhaps discover new things, but when I’m trying to hustle because I’ve got kids waiting outside, it’s irritating.

Especially because last time it caused me to give up on finding my favorite dark chocolate covered almonds.

— 3 —

I did buy 12 bottles of wine however, and the store can thank me that my purchase of so much of only two types of wine got two other people to try the same wine as well. I know because I was behind them in line and they were asking me about it, because obviously I liked it I was buying so much. I had to confess that no, I’d never tried it before but I was satisfying a request from my family to bring some with me on my trip to visit them because there is no Trader Joe’s anywhere near them. So yeah, 6 bottles of Pinot Noir and 6 bottles of Chardonnay later, my family should be happy to see us pull into the driveway. Both ladies in front of me in line decided to try the Chardonnay as well. At $3.99 a bottle it is hard not to at least give it a try I suppose!

— 4 —

I did forget to ask my mom if she wanted me to bring her anything from Penzey’s this time. It’s super close to Trader Joe’s so it would have been fairly easy to stop in there as well, and it’s another store that she doesn’t have near her.

But she does have an IKEA, so I can’t say that I’m completely the winner as far as store availability.

— 5 —

I’ve always known that I’m ridiculously particular about tracking our expenses in Quicken. This was reinforced to me when I spent 45 minutes trying to reconcile the escrow check we received from our old mortgage company after we sold our house. I could not figure out where they got the figure they had, and couldn’t rest until I’d solved the puzzle. Did it really matter? No, and the amount all gets lumped into our general housing expenses as a credit, so I really didn’t need to get it to the penny.

But I knew it would annoy me to no end if I didn’t, and eventually I figured out why our numbers didn’t match. And happily, the changes were in our favor and got us an extra $75 that I wasn’t expecting.

— 6 —

I probably could have figured it all out in 15 minutes, if I hadn’t been interrupted every 30 seconds by one child or the other. So actually I’m pretty proud of myself for figuring it out all all, considering the circumstances. :)

— 7 —

We took the truck in to get it serviced last week and so we had to squeeze the kids carseats into my car. I am so glad that we only have to do that when we’re dropping the truck off, because that is not fun, and being the passenger in front of the baby’s bucket is a miserably tight squeeze. One of these days we’ll sell my car and put the money towards another, more family-friendly vehicle, but for now it’s so rare that the kids have to ride in it, and it’s so nice having two paid-for vehicles, that we just deal with the inconvenience of a small two-door car.

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