Seven Quick Takes: Vacation Edition

— 1 —

I’ve made lots of comments on the blog lately about our upcoming vacation, but I was somewhat vague on the specifics of when and where. I didn’t especially want to announce it to the world that “HELLO, WE ARE LEAVING. PLEASE COME ROB US.”

But, um, we’re back! Yes, my post last week implied that vacation was still to come, but we were actually at my parents when it was posted. I’m sorry for the misleading writing. I wrote the post before we left and scheduled it because I wasn’t sure if I’d have much computer time while we were gone. Yes, I do feel slightly guilty for the misdirection and prewritten posts.

As it turns out, I had very little computer time (as in about 30 minutes one day), so if you left a comment or anything, sorry about the delay in replying, but I wasn’t able to respond until yesterday. Yay for computer breaks!

— 2 —

So, vacation. We leave and the weather in Indiana turns FANTASTIC. Thanks a lot for that timing there Indiana. You don’t have that many spectacular spring days, so I hate missing any of them. The weather in Florida sure was nice too at least.

What’s not so nice about Florida in March is that everyone else is also headed to or from there. Fortunately we weren’t trying to hit any of the major amusement parks or find a hotel on the beach because I think most of the Midwest was also visiting.

— 3 —

We were going to go to the beach on Thursday, but saw the picture in the paper Thursday morning of one of the local beaches. It was wall-to-wall people (or should that be condo-to-condo people?) thanks to the local schools also being on break. We passed on the beach, not wanting to deal with hoards of people.

— 4 —

We took the kids to the zoo for the first time, and that was quite a treat. Not because of the animals, because G-man just didn’t seem to care all that much, but he loved exploring the new areas, and that zoo has a water play area for kids which was all kinds of awesome. The Indianapolis Zoo needs to get one too, because it was so fantastic to have a place to cool off after a hot day.


— 5 —

G had a great time playing with his cousins (I wasn’t sure how he’d do) and while there was a bit of toy-jealousy, it wasn’t too bad. The boys were 4, 2.5 (mine), and 1.5, so I wasn’t sure how they’d all do with each other. Baby H just had fun playing with whatever she could get her hands on until someone took it away from her. Actually though, the two older boys were good about at least bringing her a substitute toy if they wanted the one she had, and she didn’t care if she was chewing on the red truck or the blue car or whatever.

— 6 —

On Wednesday Mr. SJ & I went to a Spring Training game, taking the baby with us. We got lots of comments on how cute she is, especially thanks to the adorable hat she was wearing. She was great during the game, although I did have to get up more often than usual and walk around with her. We’d specifically gotten seats in the shade so she wouldn’t get too hot or burn, and no one sat on either side of us, so it ended up being really easy to have her with us.

— 7 —

The not-so-fun part? All three boys got sick Thursday night . There was a lot of vomiting and cleanup. The next day the oldest cousin was better, but G-man and his younger cousin continued puking throughout the day Friday. And Friday night. And even some on Saturday.

Fortunately he was never sick on our drive, and he didn’t share it with us or his sister. He’s still not himself, although he’s no longer puking at least.

You know it’s bad when daddy ends up getting in the shower with him at 1:30 in the morning because that’s the easiest way to get him cleaned up. Yes, it was that bad.

Now poor G-man just has to get used to being at home, as boring as that is. No cousins to play with. No dog to harass. Just a sister who has the nerve to try and play with his toys, because he thinks they’re all his toys. All while still trying to get back to feeling like himself completely.

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