Vacation Recap

So, if I was following my pattern this week I’d have a house progress post.

But, we had a vacation this month and didn’t make a lot of progress on the house, so instead I’ll just give a little vacation recap, to complement the Seven Quick Takes: Vacation Edition post I just had. With more pictures!


We drove from Indiana to Florida. Yes, drove. 18 hours. With a 2 1/2 year old and a 8-month old. No, we don’t have a mini-van with a fancy in-vehicle entertainment system. What we do have is mom, sitting in the backseat, squished between two car seats. And a portable DVD player that played Cars and Cars 2 over and over.

The boy was great, thanks to the DVD player. The girl was ok. She wanted to get out of her seat and be held by me, and was not happy about having to stay in her car seat for so long. We timed it so that we did a lot of driving at night so that she’d sleep, and that worked well.

What didn’t work so well was driving during Daylight Savings Time, because we got into the hotel at 3:30 AM thanks to delays leaving, and a long detour, and then thanks to the time change it was like 4:30. Ugh.

Fortunately Mr. SJ got enough sleep to get us safely to my folks Sunday evening.

Monday we recovered and let the boy play with his cousins and explore my parent’s backyard and playset.

Tuesday we went to the Zoo! Much fun was had, and it wore the kids out (horray!)


Wednesday Mr SJ & I went to a baseball game, leaving G-man with my family. It was delightful not to have to worry about him. :)

Thursday we were going to go to the beach but it was CRAZY busy and instead stayed home and let the boys play together.

Thursday night the vomiting began.

Friday the vomiting continued, and Mr. SJ went to another baseball game by himself.

Friday night the vomiting continued.

Saturday we had a sad little boy who didn’t have a lot of energy, but he still played with the toys at the house (they have a LOT of toys.) Saturday evening friends came over for dinner so there was a lot of visiting.

Saturday night was vomit-free (horray!).

Sunday was spent monitoring the kids for any signs of puking. We were going to go to a nearby park but didn’t because G-man still looked fairly listless.

Monday afternoon we headed out for the long drive home, but thanks to leaving on time, no detours, smooth traffic, and no time change, it was a much better trip. Tuesday afternoon we were back home.

So, the vacation wasn’t very traditionally vacationy. One outing with the boy. Two outings for me. No trip to IKEA like I’d hoped. No beach introduction for the kids. No swimming thanks to my parents pool being out of commission. G being sick really didn’t motivate us to do much of anything away from the house.

But still? It was vacation so that’s hard to complain about. I did almost no cooking. I did almost no dishes. I did zero grocery shopping. That alone made it a vacation for me. There was a lot of laundry involved, so I’m glad we were at my parent’s with easy access to a washing machine. :)