One Bite at a Time: Project 26 {Cook Staples From Scratch}

Project 26, Cook Staples From Scratch, is another one of those projects that I’m already sort of doing. However, just last week I was thinking that I should try and make yogurt because with a boy that loves it, our family goes through a ton of it every week. Making it myself might save some money.

Honestly though, making yogurt isn’t something I’m ready to try just yet. I feel like my brain needs to be sharper before I tackle something that seems like it has the potential to make us very sick. If baby girl would ever sleep through the night, maybe I’d feel like I trusted myself to follow directions on how to make it. I did just see a post again from someone who always makes it, and she makes it sound so easy. I’m going to have to try it soon.

Granola though? Granola I make now, after getting fed up with the price for premade granola. Oatmeal is CHEAP, and granola is not. Plus, by making it myself I can pick and choose what I want in it. Coconut? Yes, please. Almonds? Of course. Raisins? Not a chance.

I make bread from time to time, but I still have never managed to make a sandwich loaf that satisfies my husband. Or me for that matter. I keep practicing. English muffins are another one I’d like to master, but so far I can’t quite get them to taste exactly like the brand I love.

This is a project where I think as long as I’m able, I’ll continue to increase the number of items I make myself. It’s a process, and I’m still working on it.

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