One Bite at a Time: Project 25 {Organize Your Photo Collection}

This is another one of those projects that’s going to take awhile, so I can’t completely call it “done.”

However, I am caught up on sorting my monthly photos and getting them ready to share with family – I am just spacing it out so I don’t flood everyone with them all at once.

It’s always satisfying to me when I read Tsh’s write-up of that week’s project and I realize I’m doing something right. In this case, it’s curating my photos. Since the boy was born, I’ve been culling my photos and pulling out the best of the month, then I share them online in a Zenfolio account (sorry, can’t share the link because it’s got some photos I’m not ready to share with the world.)

What I haven’t been so good about is archiving the photos and getting them off my hard drive. While the Zenfolio (not an affiliate link) account works as an archive, there are more photos that I would be upset to lose than I share each month. And getting all those pictures off my hard drive would probably be good for my computer too.

Tsh recommends ThisLife, and since the first 1000 photos are free to store, I thought about signing up for a tester account for all the second-tier photos. But then I realized that I already pay for that Zenfolio account, and I have plenty of space there – and it allows albums to be marked as private, so no worries about overwhelming family with too many photos. I can just make two albums for each month – one that is shared, and one that isn’t. Why didn’t I think of that before!?!

So, I’m in the process of creating those albums and uploading the pictures. There are a lot of photos, so it’s a slow process as I have computer time. But I’m chugging along with it, and I wouldn’t have if not for this project, so once again, thanks Tsh!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.