Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

I’ve been working hard on sorting pictures lately, both to get caught up on sharing them with grandparents and other family, and to make sure everything is backed up and safe. It’s been fun looking back at baby girl, because the changes from just a few months are amazing.

I’ve shared it before, but here’s one of those old pictures of baby H:


— 2 —

Tomorrow will be the first Saturday we don’t have plans in awhile, and we need to appreciate it because next Saturday is the in(RL) meetup, and the next Saturday is a wedding. This is really unusual for us to have all of our Saturdays with something scheduled, and I don’t really like it.

— 3 —

I still do not have anything for my son to wear to that wedding, and it’s kind of important since he’s going to be the ring bearer. Who won’t actually have the real rings of course, because I would not trust him with that. I’m really skeptical that he’ll cooperate and walk down the aisle like they want him to, but it’s not my family, so I didn’t feel like I could do more than gently discourage having him in that role. Unfortunately for me and my I-hate-shopping persona, even though it’s my husband’s family & he was the one to give the final “yes, he’ll do it,” I’m the one who has to find him something to wear. And some appropriate shoes. And I’m running out of time!

— 4 —

We’ve just started “birthday season.” That’s what I now think of this time of year. Mid-April is my husband’s birthday. Mine is six weeks later. End of June is baby girl’s, and then just over two weeks later is the boy’s. So yes, that’s April, May, June & July, all covered by the four of us. Fortunately both kids are too young to have strong opinions on gifts or parties or cake, so there isn’t much pressure on me.

— 5 —

Mr. SJ? He bought his own birthday present this year, because he wanted some more memory for his laptop, and a box of baseball cards. The cards I probably could have ordered, but I don’t know what brand he collects, and I definitely don’t know what sort of memory he wanted for his laptop. So instead of him telling me exactly what to order & then hoping I don’t mess it up, he just ordered it himself.

It’s really obvious sometimes that we’ve been married almost a decade, isn’t it? We are so super romantic when it comes to gifts. :)

— 6 —

I’ve liked the crazy Spring weather we’ve had it’ll be nice and warm with one chilly day mixed in there – just enough for me to fix soup for dinner or some other cool-weather meal. I always mourn the end of soup season so I appreciate the inconsistent weather extending it for me! Something tells me that we’ve seen the last of it and it’s time to say goodbye to soup until Fall.

— 7 —

I take it back – we do possibly have plans this weekend. Unless something changes or gets delayed, we’re selling my car to one of Mr. SJ’s extended family. I am ridiculously sad about this. I’m also wondering just how long we’ll make it as a one-vehicle family, or if our timetable to get a replacement will get accelerated.

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