Seven Quick Takes: Birthday Planning Edition

— 1 —

My birthday is less than a month away, and it’s within a few days of Mother’s Day, so I’ve got some serious decisions to make. Specifically, where to go out to eat. We don’t go out on Mother’s Day itself (as a former server, there is NO WAY I ever want to be a part of that scene ever again. Worst day ever to be a food server), but the day before or day after is usually considered my Mother’s Day meal. And we definitely go out for my birthday. :)

— 2 —

My mother-in-law will be arriving a few days before my birthday, so she’ll be able to watch our kids and we can go out as just the two of us. This is really exciting to me, and it increases my desire to make sure I pick wisely so as not to waste this rare opportunity.

— 3 —

Thanks to her visit, I may even be able to come close to replicating my pre-children birthday routine: read as much as possible all day long, of whatever book(s) I most wanted to read. There’s no way I’ll be able to read all day, but I may be able to get a good chunk of reading time in while she plays with the kiddos. This makes me very happy. :)

— 4 —

This also means that I need to start planning ahead and ensure that I have “birthday-worthy” reading material ready to go. Since most of my books come from the library it really is essential that I plan ahead.

— 5 —

It may seem ridiculous that I’m still a few weeks away from my birthday and I’m already planning all of this, but I love anticipating fun events, so by planning it now, I get to extend the enjoyment from now until my actual birthday. Why wouldn’t I start planning early? Because my husband’s birthday is exactly 5 weeks before mine, that becomes a nice cue for me as to when it’s reasonable to start thinking about my own birthday.

— 6 —

I also start planning my birthday dessert early, because I always make my own. I’m thinking about something ridiculously chocolatey and peanut-buttery, but I’m still considering my options.

— 7 —

One year I bought the Chocolate Indulgence Cake Mix from King Arthur Flour (one of my favorite shops of all time) and made it for myself. If you think about the prices of general cake mixes at the grocery store, $13 for a cake seems crazy. If I compare it to the $45 a similar cake costs to purchase from a nearby bakery, then the mix price doesn’t seem so bad. Yes, that’s the picture that KAF uses to advertise it at the top of my post.

(That link is not an affiliate link or anything. I don’t get anything by talking up the mix, or the company overall. I just love them and loved that cake.)

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