Seven Quick Takes: Mother’s Day Edition

— 1 —

I wasn’t sure how Mother’s Day would be, since Mr. SJ tweaked his back on Friday and wasn’t able to do as much with the kids, but other than needing me to handle all diaper changes and dirty dishes, he did all right. That might sound awfully suspicious, but washing dishes is generally tough on him because the height of the sink is bad for him, and that’s also what gets him with changing diapers. Eh, just give me some time to sit in peace and quiet and read without interruption and I am quite happy to change the diapers.

— 2 —

I made myself the delectable King Arthur Flour Chocolate Indulgence cake that I discussed in my birthday planning 7QT. One of the nicest things about this cake is that it is way too chocolatey for Mr. SJ to want to eat it, so it’s all mine. Fortunately it freezes nicely too. :)

Mine wasn’t quite that pretty, but it tastes just as good as it looks.

— 3 —

I thought about taking myself (and the baby) to the library for a bonus visit – usually I go only ever 3 weeks (the length of time a book can be checked out). I was too lazy to want to drive down there however, and instead just stayed home.

— 4 —

I also passed on the opportunity to go to Target by myself (or just with the baby.) Again, the pull of my books was stronger than the pull of wandering the aisles in peace.

— 5 —

Because the boy is generally so insistent that he be near me, unless he’s working with daddy (mowing the grass, cleaning up the garage), his dad ended up taking him to a nearby park for a walk on Sunday to give me some quiet. Of course the baby woke up not 5 minutes after they left, so the quiet wasn’t quite what he was trying to provide.

— 6 —

Last week Mr. SJ was very weird about telling me that he was taking the boy out. They were going to the store. I was starting to ask him more in depth what he was doing because he was being so odd about it, and then I realized: Mother’s Day and my birthday are both approaching. I’m sure they’re going to go look for cards.

Yup, that’s what they were doing. The boy picked me out a very nice Mother’s Day card with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy wishing me a happy day. As Mr. SJ said, there was absolutely no doubt which card he would pick once he saw that one; only perhaps if there had been a Lightning McQueen one might there have been some hesitation as to which one would win.

— 7 —

My mom and mother-in-law pretty much always send me a card for Mother’s Day. Not this year, which made me laugh. However, one of my sister-in-laws sent me a really sweet card for Mother’s Day, and I wasn’t expecting that!

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