Switch to Gentle, Eco-Friendly Skin Care

I’m working my way through Tsh Oxenrider’s ebook One Bite At A Time, tackling each project in order. All previous projects can be found here.

Project 30, Switch to Gentle, Eco-Friendly Skin Care, was one that made me very curious.

And then as I read about the oil-cleanse method I was really surprised. Oil? On my face? The explanations behind the method made sense however, and I figured I’d someday give it a shot.

Someday got moved up to much sooner than expected however when last year my skin suddenly freaked out and the gentle face wash I’d used for years wasn’t working. The skin around my eyes was raw and irritated and sloughing away. Yes, it was just as attractive as it sounds. I tried a number of different cleansers, and even just water. I switched eye creams. Nothing helped.

In desperation I remembered reading this project and decided it certainly couldn’t be any worse than what I was doing. I already had plenty of extra virgin olive oil. I bought some castor oil, and mixed them into a 3:2 ratio. It took a few days, but amazingly enough the skin around my eyes gradually healed.

When I went on vacation this Spring I brought my OCM blend, but a few days I didn’t use it because it was in another bathroom from where I was washing my face. Big mistake – by the end of the vacation the skin around my eyes was once again irritated and starting to flake.

I’ve been using it faithfully every day since. While many articles indicate that some people can use it every other day, or even every third day I am clearly not one of those people.

Now I’m using about a 3:1 ratio of EVOO:castor oil. I have a leftover container from some eye cream that I finished, and I premix the blend into that. I know that I’m not coordinated enough to mix it into my hand each night; it’s much simpler having some premixed.

I still need to use lotion and eye cream (yes, I have super-dry skin), but the oil-cleanse method means I use a lot less. Just the fact that it cleared up the mess that was the skin around my eyes makes me thrilled to have discovered it.

Have you ever tried the oil-cleanse method? Did you like it?

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