Dealing with Distractions {House Reboot, Day 1}

So, Sarah Mae’s first challenge for her house reboot challenge discusses distractions. You mean I’m not the only one?

I could feel happy that TV isn’t my issue, but that would be beside the point – TV may not be, but let’s talk about the computer, or more accurately, the internet.

It’s hard, because it’s not all bad in a pull-the-plug-entirely way. But do I still manage to waste time using it? Oh, yes, definitely.

I’m getting better – one thing having children has done for me is to make me much more careful about how I’m spending my time – but I still need to be careful or before I know it I’m spending hours pouring through the archives of Suri’s Burn Book (unfortunately, this is a true story of what I did just last week. I stayed up way too late laughing at the posts, but oh did I regret it the next day.)

    I’m most successful at avoiding distractions when I:

  1. Think about having to admit how I spent my time.
    “So, what’d you do yesterday?”
    “Well, I goofed off on the internet and read all the comments on a month’s worth of posts on a snarky blog. What did you do?”

    Yeah. Suddenly it’s easier to click that “x” button.

  2. Keep my to-do list and goals nearby and look at them regularly!
    I’ve been posting monthly goals (and I’ve got a LOT planned for June, post upcoming), so when I keep them nearby and look at them frequently it keeps me focused with my time. I want to be able to post that I accomplished what I planned!
  3. Give myself some veg-out time
    Some people seem to be able to go full-tilt all the time, but I’ve learned that I just don’t operate that way. Working with my personality, I allow myself to read the comments on blogs that have really thoughtful and helpful comments. I read fun blogs in little snippets of time (my iPod touch is great for that!) but don’t allow myself to read them when I’ve got bigger chunks of time.
  4. Remember that success breeds success (and unfortunately the opposite is true too)
    When I’m productive, it’s easier to keep on being productive. But if I goof off for an hour, another half hour slips by in a blink, and then suddenly it’s the entire evening. It’s easiest to get a good start on the day (Hello Mornings helps me here!) and get rolling on my to do list, because then I’m inspired to keep working and try and knock everything off the list.
  5. Keep my bigger goals in mind
    Similar to #2 above, but this is related to my kids. Would I be proud if they were following my example of how I’m spending my time? This usually is all I need to ask myself (I just don’t always remember to ask myself!)

I’ll be back later with an update on how I did on the Martha part of the challenge. There will be pictures, even though I’m cringing at sharing them.

How do you deal with distractions? What’s your biggest distraction – tv? computer? something else entirely?