House Reboot, Days 2 and 3

In a shocking turn of events, I managed to get AHEAD with the challenges. Day 1 was just to tackle my closet, but I added my dressers as well (and baby girl’s too because it’s actually in our bedroom since that’s working out the best for now).

And then Day 2′s assigned task was to deal with your dresser(s), and Day 3 was a catch-up day! So for maybe the first time in my life I’m not behind in a cleaning/organizing challenge.

I’m enjoying the feeling because I suspect it won’t last long once we get into areas that are more difficult for me (cough paper).

Rather than bask in the glorious status of not being behind, I assigned myself to work on the basement storage area. Food, luggage, entertaining supplies, and especially KIDS STUFF (outgrown clothes, clothes to grow into, baby gear, toys that are being rotated in and out of the playroom).

It’s ugly down there.

I’ll share pictures of the chaos, but I haven’t gotten them off my camera yet, and that’s a slow process.