House Reboot, Week 2

That’s right, I’m including all the week’s reboot posting in one day.

Why is that you wonder? Because I did so very little rebooting this week, that’s why!

My sister-in-law came for a brief visit with her two kids, and instead of ignoring them to clean my house, I visited with her while the kids all played. We put up the pool in the backyard. We went to the zoo. We ate ice cream.

Cleaning did not happen, other than the basics of washing dishes so that we would have something on which to eat our next meal.

She left this afternoon, so it’s back to our usual routine. I’ve got a mountain of laundry to do, a grocery list to finalize, and a grocery store to visit. Once that’s done I need to make a cake or pie or something for my husband for father’s day. Only then should I get started on any “extra” cleaning projects.

But right now I’ve got a sleeping baby and a son who is hanging out with his daddy in the basement watching a movie. I’m about to shut this computer down and read a book.

It’s summer you know? The house reboot can wait a little longer. :)