Tackling My Closet and Dressers {House Reboot, Day 1}

Yesterday I described my issues with distractions, and how I attempt to avoid them (or at least minimize them).

But Day 1 of Sarah Mae’s House Reboot Challenge wasn’t over – I still had to address the Martha Challenge. Today it was tackling my closet, and believe it or not, I don’t have much to clean out. You’re skeptical? Well, it’s because we moved just last year so I did a major purge. I do have clothes I don’t currently wear, but I’m holding on to them because they’re part of my multi-stage wardrobe. (Multi-stage wardrobe means early pregnancy, late pregnancy, nursing, not pregnant or nursing). Since I’m not entirely sure if we’re done having children, I’m not ready to get rid of the maternity clothes. Right now I’m wearing my nursing clothes, but I do hope to eventually get back into some of my not-nursing-friendly shirts.

But! I still needed to work on my closet because I am LAZY and it was a messy mess thanks to me being sloppy about putting stuff away. I expanded the challenge to include my dressers because I am terrible about dumping items on top and then never putting them away.

So, here is my shameful closet:

1 Closet before

dresser (for my pjs, shorts, sweaters, linens. It also holds some of my husband’s clothes):

3 Dresser 1 before

dresser (that holds undies / socks / similar items):

5 Dresser 2 before

6 Dresser 2 before top

and dresser (for baby girl’s clothes):

9 Dresser 3 before
(yes, I am very very embarrassed to post this.)

The closet still doesn’t photograph all that well, but it is back in order. The boxes on the floor are my giveaway box (which I take to Goodwill when it’s full), and two boxes of outgrown baby clothes – one for our items which go into the basement in case we have another girl someday, and one for her cousin’s borrowed items that also go into the basement until I either mail them back, or we have another way to get them out to them.

2 Closet after

I had the first dresser cleaned off in two minutes. Put folded sheets into bottom drawer. Match the boy’s socks and take them into his room, bringing along tray of vehicles he’d left in our room. Move magazines into my “office” to see why I’d set them aside in the first place.

4 Dresser 1 after

The second dresser took three minutes to tidy up the surface, and that’s mostly because I went to get a cloth to wipe up my the powder that scatters when I do my makeup in the morning. Otherwise it’d have been one minute, max.

7 Dresser 2 after

8 Dresser 2 after top

Baby girl’s dresser took five minutes, because I needed to fold some of those clothes, and hang some of mine that had also gotten dumped there one night when it was late and I was tired.

10 Dresser 3 after

(There’s a photo bomb by one of my “good” distractions!)

It feels a lot nicer.