Week in Books: Cook This Now and WordPress Design for Dummies

Cook This Now: 120 Easy and Delectable Dishes You Can’t Wait to Make by Melissa Clark

A delightful cookbook arranged seasonally, with an introduction to each season, and further introductory remarks for each month. The recipes all include tempting back-story information, which is the sort of thing that makes reading cookbooks so enjoyable for me. Despite not finding many of the recipes tempting (I hate seafood too much for some of her dishes to appeal at all), I still read every recipe, and liked the stories behind them.

I also found a few to try, although I have not yet cooked or baked them. (The Mallobar Recipe from January is calling my name, along with some of the others. Especially the sweets. I have such a sweet tooth, and I adore reading general cookbooks from authors who admit to having one as well; so many chefs seem to scorn sweets that I like it when I run across the ones who don’t.)

Wordpress Design for DummiesWordPress Web Design For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

This was good but not great, but that’s probably more because it wasn’t really what I was hoping it would be. If you’re wanting to create your own WordPress Theme, this has some great info, but it seems inconsistent on level of detail. I’m pretty good with HTML and CSS, and some parts were super basic, but then other sections had me scratching my head and thinking that I’d need to go over it again and again to understand.

My biggest complaint is the lack of images or pictures demonstrating what she’s explaining in the text – there are some, but some parts that would have really benefited from an illustration don’t have one. Food Blogging For Dummies was much better at always including an image when the text warranted one, and I think that book was a much better fit for what I wanted (despite me not writing a food blog). Unless you’re really wanting to get into the nuts and bolts of the technical side of WordPress Design, I’d pass on this one. And if you’re at all interested in blogging, I think the Food Blogging for Dummies is terrific (again, even if you’re not a food blogger, but assuming you don’t mind translating post types and niche discussions from food topics to your blog topic).

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