Create a Daily To-Do List

I’m working my way through Tsh Oxenrider’s ebook One Bite At A Time, tackling each project in order. All previous projects can be found here.

Project 39, Create a Daily To-Do List, is something I used to do religiously. Lately however, I’ve gotten away from it. And by lately I mean “since having children.”

I’ve lost my zest for the daily to-do list when my life is more daily routines than daily to-dos.

Except, I adore checking things off of a list – it’s why I’m being more intentional about posting monthly goals, because I get the virtual satisfaction of crossing them off my list. So I’m going to give it another try and make those {repetative} to do lists, modified from one of my old daily dockets, created by yours truly. Yes, I am a big geek, and yes, it made me absurdly happy to have that personalized daily docket. I used to do so well about it when I had an easy way to print them, but printing for me now is a huge pain in the rear, so I never bother.

If I can ever get myself to a print shop or something, I’ve updated my docket to fit my routine now. {In other words, I took out certain things I used to be able to accomplish during naptime and got a little more realistic about what I can accomplish in a day.}

Because apparently an obvious solution is right in front of me.

This morning, I was writing out my memory verse on an index card like I do every morning. It helps get it into my brain by writing it daily, and then I have it to carry around in my pocket and pull out whenever I have a moment to review.

Cue light bulb moment!

Flipping the card over, I wrote out what I wanted to accomplish today. There isn’t much room on a 3×5 card, but that’s ok, because let’s be realistic, I’ll never manage to get to much “extra” beyond the regular daily routine. There was plenty of room for the non-routine items I hoped to get to.

So, I can’t say how it’ll work long-term, but I’m going to try this. I’m pretty excited about it, honestly, and feeling silly that it never occurred to me before.

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