Hello Mornings

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Yesterday was the start of another Hello Mornings challenge. Once again I’m in a Twitter group and a fun thing about it is that there are a lot of the group members who are from the same general area as me.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how much effort I’m putting into waking up before my kiddos this week. We’re on week two of sickness and I’m desperate for every bit of sleep I can get. I’m already going to bed as early as possible (i.e., right after I get the baby down for the night), the only place to try and get more sleep time is in the morning.

Assuming baby girl follows the pattern her brother set with this nasty virus, we’ve got 4 more days of it to survive.

So, I’m doing the daily check-in on Twitter, once I can get to my iPod and send a tweet. Once everyone has stopped puking and having other grossness I’ll work on moving my bedtime back up so that I’ve got morning time to spend praying and studying. And maybe this session I’ll even add in some exercise and planning time too. :)

Are you participating in Hello Mornings? How’s your first days of it going ~ hopefully better than here!