Memorizing 1 Peter 1

It’s time for another session of Hiding His Word in my heart, and this time the passage Do Not Depart has selected is 1 Peter 1.

I was … not all that successful last time when I joined in as they memorized the first part of John 1. I’m looking forward to trying again with a different chapter, because I know I can do it (I did it with Romans 8!). And even if I don’t really memorize it completely, the effort of trying to memorize it still is beneficial.

Why Do I Bother?

I’ve written about Scripture Memory before, when I described what helps me have the most success. And on the not-so-successful side of things, how I deal with it when I’ve got the blahs.

One of my favorite aspects about memorizing scripture is that as I do my daily Bible reading and come across a scripture I previously memorized, it JUMPS off the page at me. Even if I couldn’t have told you the verse before reading it, it’s clearly somewhere in my brain still because it is oh-so-familiar. It helps reassure me that the effort I put into memorization isn’t wasted, even when I can’t spout the verses off without prompting.

Sound Good? Want To Participate?

  • If you’re interested in joining in on memorizing 1 Peter 1, the Do Not Depart group will be starting August 19, with a scheduled finish of November 17.
  • You can register at Do Not Depart on Wednesday the 8th, and they send encouraging emails.
  • You can also “Like” their Facebook page for more encouragement,
  • They’re also on Twitter at @DoNotDepart,
  • You can join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #HideHisWord.