Motherhood Confessions, Part 2

I posted back in March about some of the challenges I’m struggling with in motherhood.

Things haven’t changed all that month in another five months. My son is now 3, and preschool still sounds like a fantastic invention. I wonder how long it will be before it doesn’t feel like every day is simply a survive-until-bedtime slog.

I don’t think I had any clear idea of what it would be like to be a mom of young children, so it’s not that reality isn’t living up to my dreams. Maybe it’s just that reality is hard and tiring.

Various family and acquaintances have suggested preschool, that G would love it and it would give me a break. And I’m sure he would, and it would, but it’s not what I wanted to do. Even if it was, I’m sure I’ve missed the registration deadlines as everyone has gone back to school already.

I know part of my problem is that I feel like I shouldn’t need to send him to preschool for my own sake. I’ve only got two kids, I’m not trying to squeeze in a work-at-home job; so many women manage to get through the preschool years without sending their kids off a few days a week. Why am I struggling so much?

All my homeschooling ideals feel like they’re bumping up against reality. Am I just not cut out to homeschool? Or is it different when kids are older?