Seven Quick Takes: Kid Edition


— 1 —

We have grape vines in our backyard, along the fence. The one side is loaded with grapes, and baby H loves them. She used to just get them when I would pick them and share, but she now takes herself over to the side of the yard and picks them herself. Sadly for her she doesn’t yet know to only pick the ripe ones, so occasionally she gets a green one and makes an awful face and spits it out. It doesn’t discourage her; she’s back to pick another one and try again. So cute.

— 2 —

Her brother does not like eating the grapes, but he likes picking them. I’ve at least got him (usually) only picking ripe ones. He picks them and tries to get H to eat them, but he picks too many too fast and she can’t keep up. I have to watch him or else he attempts to shove grapes in her mouth.

— 3 —

I was on my own with the kids for two nights last week, and then I was alone with the baby the next night after that. It went surprisingly well. Night #3 H was getting really cranky as it crept close to bedtime and I asked her “are you ready to go upstairs and take a bath and go to bed?”

She responded by making her “ehhhh!” sound, then walked off to the stairs, climbed them, took herself down the hall, into the bathroom, climbed into the tub, and turned on the water. I was following behind her just to see what she was doing.

I guess she was ready to get moving on her bedtime routine.

— 4 —

The stomach virus that played havoc with our last two weeks has {fortunately} run its course, but G either has got some allergies, or he’s picked up a cold. He is sniffly and snotty, and I’m afraid I may be coming down with something as well, which definitely makes me think cold. Hopefully no one else catches it.

— 5 —

Baby H, who at 14 months is not such a baby, is still a terrible sleeper. I started reading a book on sleep problems, and realized that a lot of it is my fault (bad sleep associations for H), and we’re going to have to do some work to get her to sleep better. I figured we’d be in for a couple of rough rough nights, but hopefully it would lead to much better days and nights soon after. I talked to Mr. SJ about it, to coordinate a good time for it, and to see if he thought G could sleep in the basement so his sleep wasn’t interrupted.

— 6 —

Can you guess where this is going? Mr. SJ was enthusiastically behind the plan, and that night he & G both slept in the basement. H had some major crying going on at first, and I was afraid it’d be the same all through the night.

Amazingly {and happily} that was not the case. After the initial crying jags when she was falling asleep, she stayed asleep. All night long. She even slept in until 8:00.

— 7 —

Now, yes, that was only one night and as I’m writing these quick takes on Thursday afternoon I have no idea what tonight will bring. But I’m certainly feeling more optimistic about it than I was yesterday at this time.

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