Week in Books: Twitter for Good & 31 Days of Twitter Tips

Twitter for Good: Change the World One Tweet at a Time by Clair Diaz-Ortiz

I wanted to like this, but it is so clearly focused on business or non-profit Twitter accounts that it’s usefulness was limited. The examples didn’t really inspire me, and other than giving me a kick-in-the-pants to set up some lists on Twitter I don’t think I took any actions after reading the book.

It wasn’t terrible or anything, it simply wasn’t for me. Unless you’re tweeting for your company or nonprofit, or developing a Twitter strategy for your job, I’d skip it.

31 Days of Twitter Tips: Grow Your Twitter Influence – 12 Minutes at a Time by Becky Robinson of Weaving Influence

This I do recommend, whether you’re using Twitter for a personal account, in conjunction with a blog (like I do), or for your job. While some of her tips were really basic, and some didn’t interest me at all (such as the tip to look at trending topics), most of her tips were useful and doable. Her writing is also perfect for the structure of the book – concise and clear and very motivating.

I appreciated her emphasis on using Twitter even if you have minimal time – her tips were all designed to be able to be done in 12 minutes (although you could spend more time if you want). I was really pleased with the e-book, and if you haven’t already grabbed it before the end of the month don’t delay – it’s free through August 31.

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