August Goals Review

So August was kind of a blur, thanks to sick kids for 3 weeks of the month.

So, how did I do? August Goals:

  1. Share two months worth of photos of the kiddos. (Because I didn’t manage to get any shared last month.)
  2. Half done. Shared one, and got the second month almost ready to share. Apparently I took a ridiculous number of photos in June and it took forever to get through them.

  3. Menu plan for the month.
  4. Technically done, but done a week at a time. Not what I’d really meant.

  5. Filing mess whittled down to what fits in the in box. Sadly enough, that’s a lot of progress.
  6. Done! Done right away, which is a good thing because after the first of the month I never got back to it at all.

  7. Baby clothes boxed up to return.
  8. Not done. Not touched at all. (See above, re: sick kids.)

  9. Read for bookclub. And host bookclub (barring unforseen circumstances).
  10. Done. And the downstairs at least was clean and tidy. The upstairs was tidy and semi-clean, but no one knows it wasn’t vacuumed. Well I guess they could now.

  11. Wine tasting with Jennifer (Riesling!) (Not sure if I should really put this on there, because it’s not completely in my control, so let’s give this an asterisk of “if at all possible.”
  12. Done. And we picked out our favorites too.

  13. Clean out the rest of the garage freezer that I didn’t finish last month.
  14. Not done. Not touched.

  15. Goodwill run. For reals.
  16. Sigh. Not done.

  17. Enter books read into Goodreads (get to page 90 of my records)
  18. Done. I’m actually up to page 106, because even with sick kids I was able to peck away at this.

  19. Get my desk cleared off. Again.
  20. Done.

  21. Quicken kept up and budget stuff caught up. Again.
  22. Done at the beginning of the month, but I need to finish with August’s stuff. At least that’s not much of a backlog.

  23. Work on blog behind-the-scenes stuff. Updates coming soon. :) Let’s try this again…
  24. Done! Well, it’s not 100% done, but it’s done enough that it’s launching next week. Tomorrow’s post will introduce the new site.

  25. Guest room ready for visitors, so that we’re prepared for whenever we have them.
  26. Done.

  27. Send a letter to my friend S. in Colorado. She sent me a snail-mail card last month and it was so lovely getting something in the mail that I’ve got to send one to her. :)
  28. Not done. :(

  29. One way or the other, do something to get rid of the mountain of papers to be shredded.
  30. The “something” was to find out when the closest (both in time and location) free shred day is by my credit union. And it’s in September, and it’s on my calendar.

  31. Baby gift and card mailed for my sister-in-law’s shower.
  32. Not done. Instead I ended up going in on a bigger gift with my mother-in-law, in addition to the gift I’d already sent out to them. Eh, good enough. I would have sent a card if I’d had one or hadn’t had sick kids keeping me from getting to the store. My mother-in-law added my name to her card. :)

  33. Passwords streamlined/saved and computer backup done and a routine scheduled. I got quite a scare last month with the whole malware incident.
  34. Not done.

  35. Platelet donation. To my brother if it’s needed and possible, a general donation if it isn’t.
  36. Not done, but I have a donation appointment scheduled on Saturday. And I made the appointment in August. ;)

  37. Read MacArthur and Wax books and post reviews.
  38. Half-done. I posted the Wax review, but haven’t yet finished the MacArthur book. I’ve got it on my Kindle, and don’t like it as an e-book, so it’s been slow going.

  39. Bloodwork done by Aug 10, so results are back before my doctors appointment the next week.
  40. Done!

Considering the sick kids, and the fact that sick kid #1 shared it with me for the last week of the month, I’m actually pretty pleased with my progress.