Create a Family Chore System

    Project 41, Create a Family Chore System, is something we’re just starting to really begin.

    My oldest child turned three this summer, so he’s still pretty young. Even so, he’s actually helped unload the dishwasher since he was about 18 months old. We also have him put his own clothes away in his dresser, in addition to toy pickup patrol (although I need to get back to being more consistent about that one.)

    One of his favorite chores is helping daddy empty the trash and take the trash and recycle bins to the curb every week. He knows where the new trash bags are located and pulls one out, although he does need help putting it into the trash can.

    I do think he’d love it if we made a chore chart, and gave him stickers for each chore completed. That would probably also help me be more consistent with him (such as having him make his bed only some days, we’d have a reminder to do it every day.)

    He’s been “helping” fold laundry off and on for over a year, and just last week was he finally able to fold a kitchen towel reasonably correctly. He’s usually in such a rush to get it folded and get on to the next one that he would kind of fling it into a pile and say it was done. Last week he carefully smoothed it out, then pulled one side over to the other side, attempting to match up the edges. I was fairly astonished at his meticulous work, compared to the hurried job he’d done last time.

    What sorts of chores do you have your preschoolers do? How old were you when you started doing chores when you were growing up?

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