Eat Locally

    Project 43, Eat Locally, is one where, um, yeah, right now I’m not doing all that well at.

    It’s not that I don’t think it’s a great thing to do. And important for so many reasons. I just … don’t make it that much of a priority.

    There’s a farmer’s market open Saturday mornings not all that far from my house – at my old house it was close enough to walk (although the one time I did walk I regretted it on the return home. It was a lot longer trek when my arms were full of purchases). Despite the seeming convenience, I’ve only been a handful of times, and not at all this season (which ends this weekend).

    Saturday mornings end up where other things take priority is what it boils down to.

    There’s even a pseudo-CSA in the area, and I participated in it for several years when it first launched. I stopped when I got pregnant with baby #2 because I’d been having trouble keeping up with the items (especially the not-as-familiar items) and knew that with the difficulties I have in pregnancy I’d never manage. I’ve never started it back up again, and I don’t think I have any great reasons, other than laziness and remembering how awful I felt when I wasted produce from the bin before (and it seemed like it always happened.)

    Maybe it’s time to give it another shot, and see how it works. Although it does seems kinda silly to pick it up again this time of year. ;) Not exactly maximizing my produce opportunities that way.

    Do you make an effort to eat locally?

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