Hiding His Word: Catching Up

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I got behind on my planned memorization of 1 Peter 1 – I’m trying to keep up with the group at Do Not Depart because I find the encouragement it provides is invaluable for sticking with long passages. When I’ve gotten too far behind the group it’s all too easy for me to stop moving forward at all, even though any progress is better than no progress.

Last week I made a big self-imposed push to get caught back up (more or less) and be ready to move forward with the group to this week’s verses. And guess what? All that hard work paid off.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve got all the verses memorized 100%, but I’ve got them down well enough that I don’t feel ridiculous moving on to the next pair. As I continue on with the later verses these older ones will continue to get reviewed so that’ll help push them deeper into my brain.

What helped me the most last week?

  1. Focusing on one verse a day. I had 4 verses I needed to get caught up on. Each morning I’d review the verses I already knew (so started with verses 1 – 5), then I focused on one new verse for that day and the next. On day 3 I began reviewing verses 1 -6, and focused on learning verse 7, and on it went for 8 days.
  2. I wrote it down. Every day. I wrote the review verses on a 3×5 card(s). I wrote the first letters of the review verses on a 3×5 card. I wrote the new verse on another 3×5 card. I carried them around with me and pulled them out whenever I had a moment. (Kids playing in the sandbox was a prime time for me to read through the cards a couple of times).

I realize nothing I’ve written is that new, but it was still reassuring for me to have reinforced that even if life gets in the way and I get “behind,” it’s worth it to not give up and to make an effort to push myself to memorize more in one week than I might otherwise think I can.

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