Seven Quick Takes: Kids’ Clothes Edition

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— 1 —

Last weekend the boy was insistent that he needed to wear long pants and a jacket because it was cold outside. It was not cold outside, although it was cooler than it has been. His only long pants that fit are some jeans that were dirty, and his only jackets are too small. What can I say – I hate shopping and have been avoiding the fact that he’s going to need some clothes for fall and winter.

— 2 —

So. I told him he needed to get a new jacket, and when he insisted that we got to the store to get him a new jacket, I said “you’ll need to talk to daddy about that.” Next thing I know daddy is telling him to put his shoes on, they’re going to the store. Apparently daddy was more motivated than mommy was to get that boy some clothing for the cooler temps.

— 3 —

I ended up going with them, because the girl would have been irate to be left at home, and daddy wasn’t going to take both of them by himself. And I figured it’d be a good chance for me to look for more jeans for the boy, and some long sleeved shirts. And a jacket for the girl. And some warmer clothes for her too.

— 4 —

No jackets were found, but I got the boy a navy blue hoodie, and that’ll work at least until we get to the worst part of winter. Maybe I’ll go shopping some more when my mother-in-law arrives next month. She’s usually good about being willing to go with me. :)

— 5 —

The girl got a dark gray hoodie. Technically it’s a boy’s hoodie, but the only girls ones were pink or purple, and I wanted a neutral color. Why do manufacturers seem to think that girls only wear pink or purple?? Drives me crazy.

— 6 —

I finally found a pair of jeans for the boy, and two pairs of sweatpants. Not really what I was wanting, but it’s better than trying to get through the whole winter with only three pairs of long pants.

— 7 —

I didn’t get much for the girl, because I need to sort through what I’ve already got for her a little more. I know there are some boxes of clothes in the basement, and we’ll manage with what she’s got at least until my mother-in-law arrives. She also tends to bring clothes, so I’d rather wait and see what girlie needs before buying more.

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