Seven Quick Takes: October Preview Edition

— 1 —

I feel like I’m at the top of a roller coaster, taking a big breath as I get ready for a fast & furious plunge to the end of October. It’s going to be a busy month.

— 2 —

The BIG, EXCITING thing is the Influence Conference October 11 – 13. I keep thinking of things I wanted to do before then. Like get some promo cards for the new blog (and maybe even have this address listed on the other side?) Like finally concede that it’ll be really handy and get a smart phone so it’ll be easy to add people I want to follow on Twitter when I meet them etc. Like plan some meals for the family instead of feeling like I’m stranding them.

— 3 —

October is also bringing with it the 31 Days of Great Nonfiction Reads Series I’ll be posting at The Deliberate Reader. I’ve got the announcement post up over there today. I’m excited about it and hope that it’s useful (or at least that it’s fun) for readers.

— 4 —

Almost forgot, I’m hosting bookclub the first week in October. Yeah. Hosting it so that I need to clean the house to a respectable level.

— 5 —

Also can’t forget some doctors appointments for me and the {not such a baby} girl. Not a big deal other than juggling schedules and working around naptime and wrangling the boy…

— 6 —

On a happier note, my mother-in-law will be here, arriving the week after Influence (rats. Wish she’d arrive the week before because that would be so nice for the hubs & kiddos). She’ll be in the state for almost 3 weeks, although not at our house the entire time – the impetus for her trip is her mom is having surgery & will need some help, so she’ll be with her on the other side of the state some (most?) of her visit out here.

— 7 —

We need to buy another car. Well, van most likely, even if it does seem slightly ridiculous to me to get a minivan when we only have two children. I’m hoping we might not be done, and either way there are a lot of handy features with the minivan that will make road tripping easier, so it looks like a van it’ll be.

Quite the change from the vehicle it’s replacing, my beloved Integra. So, at some point (most likely when my mother-in-law is around & can watch kiddos), we’ve got to decide on the vehicle, and deal with the actual purchasing of said vehicle. It’s such a hassle, it makes me very happy that we tend to buy and keep our vehicles for as long as possible. My car was 11 years old & we only sold it because it was so family & car seat unfriendly. Our truck is now 10 years old & we hope it’ll last lots longer.

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