Find a Hobby (and Become a Lifelong Learner)

    Project 44, Find a Hobby (and Become a Lifelong Learner), is the one that when I first glanced at the table of contents I thought “I’ve got that one already.”

    There are certainly plenty of these projects where I’d never done them at all (like the eco-friendly skin care), or had barely tried them (like last week’s eat locally), but this one? This one is so taken care of.

    I’m not trying to sound smug, because it’s an easy one for me, so it’s like telling someone who grew up in a bilingual family all about the benefits to learning a second language. Yup, got it, no problem.

    See, if it wasn’t already obvious what with the new book blog I started last month, I love to read. It’s my favorite hobby. It’s the main one I do in this season of life (although someday I hope to get back to some of my others). And reading is such an easy way to dovetail with being a lifelong learner – I do read some light fiction, but I try and steer clear of trashy fiction. And I read a lot of nonfiction. {Speaking of nonfiction, did you see that my 31 Days of Great Nonfiction Reads starts over at the new blog today?}

    I’m self-taught in some basic CSS & HTML, as well as dabbling in JavaScript and PHP. I’d love to get into more programming, but again, that’s something that’s been pushed aside while my kids are so young.

    I hope to homeschool and one of the things I’m most excited about is the opportunity to learn more myself about many areas where my education was piecemeal. We moved around just enough while I was growing up so that I missed out on some foundational stuff in English and math, so I’m hoping homeschooling will help me make my grammar impeccable. Currently I’ve got few weak areas relating to it. {hanging my head in shame.}

    What’s your favorite hobby? And do you consider yourself a lifelong learner?

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