October Goals

October Goals:

  1. Go to Influence.
  2. Go to Dr. and get health screening form sent off to R’s employer.
  3. Decide about G joining TKD class or not. Sign him up if decide “yes.”
  4. Decide about buying vehicle. If possible, buy vehicle while R’s mom is in town to watch kids.
  5. Talk to R about composting
  6. Read at least 4 books.
  7. Get caught up on writing reviews.
  8. Platelet donation (assuming health improves)
  9. Share photos of the kiddos.
  10. Menu plan for the month. By the 1st weekend.
  11. Spend 30 minutes working on filing.
  12. Spend 30 minutes working on kids clothes (get ready for cooler temps; box up outgrown items, etc.)
  13. Read for bookclub. And attend bookclub (assuming children/health permit).
  14. Fix Goodreads records (the TBR list part)
  15. Quicken kept up and budget stuff caught up.
  16. Send a letter to my friend S. in Colorado.
  17. Passwords streamlined/saved and computer backup done and a routine scheduled.
  18. Read MacArthur book and post review.
  19. Get next DR series half written.
  20. Go to camera store & see if my camera can be fixed.

Do you have any goals for September?