September Goals Review

September Goals:

  1. Launch new blog, facebook page, and twitter account.
    Done done done done done.
  2. Get posts ready to go for October’s 31 Days of series. And by “posts” I mean “as many as possible. At least 15. Hopefully 20 or even all 31.”
    Done. Although I’d like to revamp some of them, I’ve got something ready to go for every day, so that if life gets crazy I’m not post-less.
  3. Find something striped so I can go to the party.
    Um, done enough. I’ve got a scarf that’s not really right (too warm) but I figure I can always loop it around my bag. Hence then done enough.
  4. Platelet donation.
  5. Share photos of the kiddos.
    Done. One month’s worth anyway.
  6. Menu plan for the month. By the 8th of the month.
    Done. On the 9th, so at least it was still that first weekend, right?
  7. Spend 30 minutes working on filing.
  8. Spend 30 minutes working on boxing up baby clothes to return.
    Spent 30 minutes sorting clothes, although I didn’t actually box anything. I’m still counting it because it was working on the kids clothes that was really the goal, I just worded it poorly.
  9. Read for bookclub. And attend bookclub (assuming children/health permit).
    Well, I attended bookclub, and I had read a condensed version of the book, but I didn’t finish the full version. It was not a kindle-friendly text.
  10. Enter books read into Goodreads (get to page 130 of my records)
    Done. Entered them all, except for the ones I skipped because they didn’t have a record in Goodreads or there was a problem with the record.
  11. Quicken kept up and budget stuff caught up.
    Quicken part yes, budget part no.
  12. Send a letter to my friend S. in Colorado.
    No. I am a terrible friend.
  13. Take papers to free shred day at credit union on 9/21.
    Done! Woo-hoo! That box o’papers in the garage is gone. Well, actually, it’s still there, but there are only a handful of papers in it now instead of the overflow it previously had.
  14. Passwords streamlined/saved and computer backup done and a routine scheduled.
  15. Read MacArthur book and post review.

Despite not completing everything, I’m really pleased with how much I did get done. The Goodreads data entry was a big project, as was writing ahead on posts for the series. Add to that sick kids {again} and them sharing it with me {bummer} & I’m satisfied with my productivity.

How did you do on any goals you had for September?