Seven Quick Takes: Kid Edition

— 1 —

Baby girl (I refuse to stop calling her a baby yet. Don’t care that she’s 15 1/2 months, she’s still getting called baby.) has some new clothes thanks to a generous friend. This weekend was the first time I put her in some of them, and the one little dress was just absurdly cute. I think little girls in dresses and tights are so unbelievably cute, and I’m enjoying being able to dress H however I want while it lasts. I know eventually she’ll start having her own opinions on clothes and all that sort of stuff, but right now she doesn’t care.

— 2 —

G has opinions on clothes and so I need to figure out a better method of storing his clothes so he still gets the satisfaction of picking his own clothes to wear in the morning, without me continually having to send him back to get something that doesn’t make my eyes bleed, isn’t inappropriate for the current temps, etc.

I’m thinking about getting a closet organizer thing where I can put outfits, and then he can just pick from the pre-selected outfits.

— 3 —

G also likes to select H’s clothes, and so I kind of also need to figure out a way to organize her clothes so he can pick something that works (together, for the weather, etc.)

— 4 —

H has really been picking up on the huge number of possible animal names and sounds, and she loves to look at her animal book and have us ask her where an animal is, and what sound it makes.

So far she can make the sounds for:
Elephant, chicken, cow, cat, dog, penguin, snake, bee, duck, tiger, bear, lion.

Yes, some of those sounds are the same (tiger, bear, and lion all get a “ROAR!”). All of the sounds are cute.

Words she says include: mama (her favorite word), dada, crac-kah (a.k.a. graham cracker), kah (a.k.a. car), nigh-nigh! (night-night, or I’m-tired-and-going-to-bed), bye bye!

— 5 —

G *loves* playing this boat racing game on the X-box (and I love that it means some peace for me while he plays with daddy). At first all he did was drive into the walls, but he’s getting a lot better at it; he can actually finish a race now on his own. And it’s really funny to me watching him driving the boats.

— 6 —

I do realize that this kind of means that we’ve created a monster. See above, with “some peace for me” for why I do not care.

— 7 —

H never really liked reading books; I would try and read to her and within a few seconds she’d squirm out of my lap. I kept trying, because of course I’m wanting her to love books.

Then I tried Listen, Listen by Phillis Gershator and the girl is ENTRANCED. She will look at it for 10 or more minutes at a time, and she’ll bring it to me to look at it again. It’s like it got her to realize that books are fun, because now she’ll look at other books too (although this one is by far her favorite, with her animal book in second place. Every other book is far behind those two in her affections.)

It makes me so happy that she now will sit on my lap and look at books.

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