Wake Up Earlier

As I ease back into blogging from my unexpected break, it was nice to discover that this week’s project (#47, Wake Up Earlier) was one I am already doing! Thanks to Hello Mornings and Inspired to Action, getting up earlier has been a priority. I can’t say that I’m always 100% successful, but when I’m not it’s usually because of multiple wake-ups in the night due to one child or another.

If you follow me on twitter, I tend to post a “I’m up! sort of tweet to my group. It’s very motivating for me to know that people are looking for me, and I’ve made a commitment to others to be looking for them. If you want to get up earlier and find it a struggle, I encourage you to sign up for the next Hello Mornings session. It has been a huge help for me! And to tide you over until the next session starts, you can download Kat’s free ebook “Maximize Your Mornings.” It’ll help get you started!

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