Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

We bought a van this week. That’s right, I’m now driving a minivan. From a sporty red Integra, to a white minivan. While it’s not as fun to drive, it’s so nice for dealing with car seats. And groceries.

— 2 —

My son was super excited when we drove the van home; he hadn’t known we were getting it, so it was a big surprise. He ran around and around opening the doors & closing them. Then when I walked in (I drove home in the truck and made a stop on the way), he came rushing up to tell me about the new white car parked inside (i.e., in the garage). And he didn’t like the silver truck anymore (he loved that silver truck). And he didn’t like grandma’s car anymore (he loved her rental car). He liked the WHITE CAR!!!

— 3 —

The car dealership also sent us home with some giant balloons, which thrilled the kids. Three balloons + two children = recipe for disaster normally, but not when grandma is visiting. G assigned the balloons: H got the pink one, grandma got the red one, and he took the white one. I hate to think what would have happened if she hadn’t been here to get the red one.

— 4 —

The big question now is, how long will it be before the van gets the first dent/scratch/scuff? When I bought my car, there was a hail storm the first night I was home with it, and it got a couple of dents on the trunk. I was almost relieved because there went the pressure of keeping it pristine. The van is parked in the garage so no hailstorms will get to it, but something will eventually. I’m guessing it’ll be a stroller or wagon knocked into it by one of the kids.

— 5 —

Our next road trip should be super comfortable, and I’m excited that I’ll no longer have to squeeze in between the two car seats anytime we try to take an extra person anywhere in the truck.

— 6 —

If you’re local and are looking for a Toyota dealership/salesperson, let me know & I’ll share her name . We were really really happy with the whole experience, almost all of which we (and by we, I mean R) handled by email. Super easy and so much simpler than lining up babysitting!

— 7 —

The real question is: how long will it take before I get used to driving it. And parking it. hahaha

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