Seven Quick Takes

— 1 —

My husband was cleaning out his text messages from his phone and told me that he found that on six separate Sundays I’d sent him a text saying that our son was completely obnoxious. So, the question is: is my tolerance for his behavior lower on Sundays? Is it that my husband is gone most of the day hanging out at his friends house watching football that makes my son so obnoxious (I know he misses his dad and endlessly repeats that he misses daddy & wonders if daddy is coming home soon. Is it some of both?

I’m not sure, but either way I’m looking forward to the end of the NFL season and no longer being a football widow. Or, more specifically, a football single mom.

— 2 —

R is building a mudroom-style area in the garage, just next to the door into the house. The way the house is laid out there is no space for it inside, and since we’re almost always going in and out through the garage, this makes more sense than trying to use the coat closet near the front door. He’s got plans for a bench with space underneath for shoes and boots, and a setup with cubbies for gloves and hats and the diaper bag. Plus hooks for hanging coats. I am super excited about the functionality this should add.

— 3 —

Is anyone else as dumbfounded as I am that Thanksgiving is next week?

— 4 —

Sunday it hit 66 and we were running around outside with long-sleeved shirts or hoodies only. Monday it never even reached 40 and was snowing. We did not run around outside in hoodies only.

— 5 —

I never planted tulips this fall. I’m going to regret that in the Spring.

— 6 —

As I’m writing this post, my son is sick AGAIN. I’m not sure if I’m imagining it or not, but it feels like he’s already been sick as frequently this fall as he was all last fall and winter. Poor guy. And poor the rest of us, who may or may not catch what he has, but we all have to deal with him being sick and miserable.

— 7 —

At what point do the stores put out next year’s calendars and planners? I keep looking every time I’m at one of the big box stores, and so far it’s still (clearanced) academic calendars. I’m hoping to get one that I can see & examine first, instead of just buying one online like last year. I liked the one I bought, but not as much as I’ve liked others, so I’m trying to avoid getting the same kind. And I hate hate hate going to those sorts of stores during the Christmas shopping season, so I feel like I’ve lost my best chance to get one. Bummer.

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